Welcome to Morello Virtual

Morello Virtual offers remote, online admin assistance services.

Welcome to Morello Virtual

Morello Virtual offers remote, online admin assistance services.

First and foremost, at the heart of Morello we believe in treating others the way we want to be treated.

We strive for all clients to come away feeling positive that they have had a good experience working with us.

Time is valuable and it is important to us that we work efficiently to ensure that we have clear communication and transparency concerning all tasks.

We understand oftentimes work piles up and time windows become slim. We’re here to help!

Trust Morello to take some of that pressure off. We are here to assist you and make your work life all that much easier.

Morello Founder
Olivia Posthumus

Our services

Do you need your audio and media clips typed out in a readable format that plays in real-time with your media? One media hour is usually expected to take six to eight hours to transcribe accurately.

Subtitles (also known as closed captions; secondary explanatory text describing non-verbal cues) are also included as an option if necessary to your media. Currently, we only Transcribe in English (for now!).

Quoted at R120 p/h

Need a real human being to check your spelling, grammar, prose and flow of your written work? We correct mistakes and, if required, give feedback on the natural ‘feel’ of the text.

Robot spell checks are useful but they won’t be able to help you stand out and give the flavour to your words that human readers desire.

Quoted at R120 p/h

Is your outdated Curriculum Vitae making you lose self-confidence? Not sure how to tweak it to be polished and modern? Are you unfamiliar with what recruiters are looking for?

We’ll streamline your CV, give it a face-lift, remove unnecessary bits and provide tips suggesting what would be helpful information to a potential employer.

Quoted at R120 per CV.

Do you need information collected in one place? This can be laborious and time-consuming. Don’t waste your time data capturing for hours; hire someone with great attention to detail to capture it for you!

We use Excel (or other platforms you may prefer) to collect and present data in one place in a clear-cut, digestible format.

Quoted at R120 p/h

Do you have a novel, book or story that you’re not sure the world is ready to see? Looking for some constructive criticism but feel you can’t show your work to friends or family? Why not consider asking a stranger?

We look at your work with fresh eyes and present helpful suggestions from an outside perspective.

Quoted at R120 p/h

Do you have any small admin asks that are time-consuming but not specified elsewhere here?

Contact us on what you need done and we can discuss a quote.

Contact us for a quote